Interscatter Communications Technology

[System Lets Implants Communicate Using Foreign Signals]

A big portion of the technology behind medical implants is often focused on relaying information that the device collects about your body in general, or about a specific part.

This information is often relayed through bluetooth or wireless connections to outside devices, so that it can then be used to make important medical decisions.

However, despite the importance of this process, the execution itself can often be tricky as these implants require powerful energy sources to maintain this connection.

This not only increases the size of the device, but also it’s power consumption, both of which make the implants less than ideal for placement in remote locations of the body.

Not to mention, that the interference created by the surrounding tissues also degrades the quality of the signals being transmitted, making it even more difficult to maintain consistency.

Now, a team of researchers from the University of Washington has found a way to circumvent these issues by removing the ability to create transmissions all together.

Instead, their new system, called Interscatter, uses signal reflection to convert incoming Bluetooth signals into outgoing WiFi signals. What makes this technology useful, is that the implant is able to embed the outgoing signal with their own data.

This signal conversion uses existing Bluetooth and WIFI technology, therefore can work with almost all sorts of devices, and since the outside devices have their own antenna’s the need for antennas inside the implants is removed.

So basically, it is a way for the implant to piggyback on existing signals to send their own information forward in a way that’s easily readable.

There is no news yet on which types of implants will feature this technology first, but whichever kind it is will certainly get a huge edge in the field of medical implants.

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Posted on : 21 Aug 2016 @ 11:27

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