IRIS II Bionic Vision System

[System Gets Approval in Europe]

When it comes to human beings and their interaction with the world around them, vision is one of the first and most used senses.

This is why, when humans suffer from blindness for one reason or another, it can become an exceptional handicap that can make life hard for anyone.

While there isn’t a mainstream option for treating complete blindness so far, there is still however a procedure that can help with at least one type of vision issue.

The type of vision issue we are referring to is Outer Retinal Degeneration and the solution for this problem is the IRIS II Bionic Vision System.

This system was created by a Paris based company called Pixium Vision, and it involves using a camera along with a surgical implant to restore vision.

The camera is placed into a pair of special glasses, which help capture images of the outer world. The images are then converted into electrical signals and transmitted to the implant.

The implant contains 150 electrodes, that work together to simulate the inner retina, thus giving the user the ability to see the images clearly.

This is a huge achievement in the field of optics. However, an even bigger achievement is the fact that this treatment has just received approval from the European Union, making it a truly viable option for vision restoration.

So, if you are one of the people suffering from this ailment, or know someone who does, then by all means talk to your doctor about this.

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