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[Concrete Micro-Home Takes Only 7 Hours To Install]

No matter how much you may value the people in your life, your house is the actual thing that is responsible for binding you to one place for most of your life.

This is why houses are such big investments and require such careful calculations regarding their location and the facilities that surround them.

The problem with this scenario is that the location itself becomes much more valuable than the house, which causes certain places to become extremely expensive when compared to others.

A possible solution for this problem is the construction of movable houses which can be shifted from one place to another. This makes the house into an entity of it’s own, independent of where it is setup.

Towards this goal, an Estonian firm by the name of Kodasema is developing what they called Koda, a prefabricated concrete micro-home that can be assembled and installed anywhere you want.

Not only that, the design is efficient enough that the whole assembly process uses minimal effort and can be completed within just seven hours.

You can also disassemble the house in seven hours, so that the prefabricated concrete sections can be packed and moved to another location whenever you want.

Currently this house is just a prototype, but once it does reach the mass market, it is expected to cost around €100,000 (US$111,000).

For this cost, you will get a house that covers approximately 30.3 sq m (326 sq ft) area, which includes a large living room and kitchen area, along with a toilet and bathroom on the ground floor.

Then there are the stairs that lead upstairs to a small bedroom area and laundry room. Just like any other house, all these areas have to be hooked up with water, electricity and sewage for proper functioning.

Other than that, the house doesn’t require anything else to setup and live in. Just make sure that the surface you place it on has a level footing, and you’re good to go.

As you can see, the whole theme behind both the construction and design of the house is based on the philosophy of efficient and sustainable architecture.

While it may not be the ideal thing for people that live extravagant lifestyles, it is still the best hope for people who just want a nice place to live in without the hassle of actually getting one constructed.

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