Levita Magnetic Surgical System

[System Developed Specifically For Laparoscopic Surgeries]

While we may not think a lot about it, but Cholecystectomy is one of the most frequently performed surgeries around the world today, with millions of patients suffering from gallbladder related issues on a daily basis.

This makes it very important for this surgery to be as un-invasive as possible, because even if the surgeons are able to save a single incision, it still has a big impact on the potential surgical complications.

Besides, when we are talking about a surgery that is performed multiple times, almost on a daily basis around the world, even a 5 minute savings in time can drastically reduce the hours spent in surgery.

This is why a lot of medical companies have started working on the development of smart tools that will help doctors not only increase surgical efficiency, but also reduce the risk of complications.

Despite the advancements, most of these tools are still kept in direct control of the doctors, like the Smart Scalpel, however there are others that offer a more advanced control mechanism, like the Flex Robotic System.

The system we are looking at today lies somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, as it offers you a great degree of control while still incorporating smart features.

The system is called the Levita Magnetic Surgical System, and it was developed by Levita Magnetics, a California based company.

As the name suggests, the system consists of an instrument built to assist in laparoscopic surgeries, which comes with a detachable tool that is controlled via an external magnet.

This tool can be used to access, grab and remove the gallbladder without the need for an extra incision. Since the tool can be detached from the shaft after it grabs the gallbladder, it in turn offers a better degree of control to the surgeon.

Once done with the process, the tool can then be reattached to the shaft for easy removal as well. The important thing is that the controls of the device always remain in the hands of the surgeon, whether attached or not.

It is a testament of the efficiency of this system, that is has already received regulatory approval in Europe as well as de novo clearance in the U.S. Now it’s upto the surgeons to see what use they can get out of this system.

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Posted on : 27 Aug 2016 @ 12:01

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