Lithium Metal Batteries

[Longer Lasting Batteries To Enter The Market Soon]

Even if you are not the most hardcore fan of gadgets and gizmo’s, you still probably know something about the now infamous lithium ion technology.

While most people you ask won’t be able to tell you the exact moment when the whole world decided to rely on this technology, but they can easily point our all the ways that this technology has helped make our world a better place.

If you still have a problem understanding, just open up the smartphone, tablet or laptop you are viewing this article on, and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

The reason why we are so confident in this claim is because in today’s world, lithium ion batteries power almost every type of electronics we use.

This even includes out cars and drones, as they too are more electronics than automobiles at this point in time. Still, even with all these applications, this technology still isn’t living up to it’s potential.

This can be attributed to the fact that the mediocre energy density of lithium ion technology in it’s current state makes it hard for manufacturers to get a long battery life without adding in bulk.

To help with this issue, a lot of researchers are working on modifying this technology to create better battery solutions, such as the Lithium Air Batteries, or the Super Lithium Batteries.

However, despite their apparent advantage over the existing tech, these batteries still aren’t anywhere near the point in their developmental cycle, that we might start imagining using them in our devices.

Thankfully for us, there is another type of battery technology, that isn’t just more energy dense than Lithium ion, but is also ready for use by the general public.

What we are talking about is a new type of Lithium Metal Battery Technology, that is being develop by a company called Solid Energy Systems.

This company was built by a former researcher from MIT, by the name of Qichao Hu, who had a dream of developing an anode free battery that could provide twice the output as current lithium ion technology.

The new type of battery that they built in this quest, actually replaces the anode with a thinner lithium metal foil. In doing so, they were thus able to double the energy density of the battery.

This is not only a remarkable improvement of existing lithium ion batteries, but also an exceptional improvement over existing lithium metal batteries, who upto this point weren’t stable enough to be used commercially.

Now that they have actually made it possible to use this technology for commercial use, the company aims to bring their product into the drone market by the end of the year.

This will be a great way of showcasing the abilities of their tech, while also giving them ample time to prepare for taking on the smartphone market, which they are expected to target in 2017.

So don’t be surprised if the next smartphone you buy offers you twice the battery backup that you had hoped for. We for one can’t wait for it.

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Posted on : 28 Aug 2016 @ 20:23

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