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[High End Pencil For Enhanced Accuracy]

For any designer or artist, a Mechanical Pencil is a great tool to own and use. It lets you work with ease, without having to destroy your pencil every time you sharpen it.

Despite being a great tool, it too has it’s own issues, as the lead position is no always accurate, plus without any boundations the lead is also known to wobble.

These problems can easily disrupt the quality of your work as well as your concentration, especially when you’re working with complex designs that can’t afford even a single misstep.

To take care of these issues, design engineers by the name of Ashley Hribar-Green & Matthew Aston Cain have created a high end mechanical pencil called Magno.

Magno features a polished and sleek unibody design with precisely crafted slots for reloading the lead. The whole pencil is crafted with Aircraft Grade Aluminum so that it lasts the test of time.

To improve the body further, the surface of the pencil is anodized in various colors to suit the personality of the owner.

But what makes this pencil really special is a free moving magnet that is concealed within the body. The magnet holds the lead in place so that it doesn’t shift or move with the movements of your hands.

The magnet is paired with a ferrous outer sleeve, which can be moved back and forth to determine it’s length, thus giving you complete control over the working process.

As simple as the working of the pencil is, the lead replacement process is even more simple. All you need to do is rotate the end tip to make the brass collet release the lead.

You can then replace it with a new 2mm lead, which is then secured again with another rotation of the end tip. As you can see, the entire effort is placed in simplifying the design so that you can enjoy the pencil without a second thought.

It is definitely a great tool to have and gift, and you too can order one for yourself or a loved one from the Magno Kickstarter Page for just £20.

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Source: Kickstarter
Posted on : 14 Aug 2016 @ 20:17

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