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[Smart Sensor For Individual Energy Readings]

It’s not an exaggeration when one says that we’ve become an electronics rich society. It doesn’t matter what segment of society you come from, if you look around your house, you will see several gadgets lying around.

Such an influx of gadgets also means that our power consumption needs too have become ever expanding, increasing our electricity bills with each purchase.

In times like this, having an accurate record of exactly how much electricity is being consumed in your house, and through which devices becomes rather important.

This not only helps increase awareness about the efficiency of these devices, but can also help reduce the consumption itself, as we are able to modify our habits to best suit our budget.

However, in the current scenario, there aren’t a lot of ways of maintaining said records, and even those that exist are quite expensive to install and maintain.

Thankfully, researchers at MIT have created a technology that can help you create and monitor said records without spending a lot of money in installation or running charges.

This technology comes in the form of a Stamp Sized Sensor which can read individual power consumption of each device being used with accuracy.

All you need to do is attach it to the main power line of the house, and then the software takes over, monitoring patterns and spike in voltage to identify the various devices and their average energy usage.

Not only that, but it can also differentiate between different kinds of devices and keep track of when they are working and when they’re not.

This has been achieved thanks to years of research which saw the team perfecting the design to this point, where it is almost ready for commercial launch.

The aim is to keep this device cheap, approximately $25-30, so that almost all households can enjoy the benefits of such a device. We’ll just have to wait some more.

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Source: MIT
Posted on : 20 Aug 2016 @ 14:13

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