Mitsubishi Night Drive

[Dual Screen Virtual Test Drive Experience]

Bringing real life experiences to the virtual world has been the philosophy that’s driving the whole augmented/virtual reality movement.

Most of these experiences involve the person being subjected to audio/visual feedback with the help of virtual reality devices.

This creates a problem for people who are trying to create interactive content for the mass market, since it locks the experience to the device itself. So if you don’t own such a VR device, it becomes essentially useless for you.

This was the same problem that Mitsubishi faced when they decided to create a virtual test drive experience for their new car, the Mirage G4.

To remove this limitation, they then decided to split the experience, in order to create a dual screen interactive called the Mirage G4 Night Drive.

This new experience removes the need for a VR device, and replaces it instead with just a regular smartphone and a computer, along with a high speed internet connection.

All the users need to do is visit theĀ Mirage Website and get give the link for their mobile devices. This link is meant to be entered into the browser of you smartphone, so that it can take control the car displayed on the computer.

This way, you are able to control the virtual car around a virtual test track, while getting additional information about the features of the car via a narrator.

While this may not be the most sophisticated system for virtual interactivity, it still shows use how easy it is to create a functioning virtual experience, as well as where the future of marketing and sales is headed.

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