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[Clay Based Refrigerator Runs Without Electricity]

As the world of innovation keeps on moving ahead, we seem to have gotten a habit of collecting all sorts of gadgets that run on electricity.

The enamor of all the devices that we use on a daily basis is so much, that we almost don’t notice how dependent we are on power.

The depth of dependency is only revealed to us when we are put in a situation where we have no access to electricity, leaving us stranded between a sea of dead screens.

At these moments we often find ourselves realizing that there are only a handful of machines that we cannot survive without, the refrigerator being one of them.

This is the truth that dawned on an inventor by the name of Mansukhbhai Prajapati after Gujarat (India) was hit by the earthquake of 2001.

It was during that time of crisis that he came up with the idea of Mitticool, a clay based refrigerator that doesn’t need to rely on electricity to operate.

This unique refrigerator features a unique design made up entirely of a particular type of terracotta clay. What makes this design so special is he fact that it has porous walls.

In order to operate this setup, all you need to do is pour about 10 liters of water into a special compartment of the fridge.

The water then uses the pores to travel through the entire structure, keeping it cool thanks to some basic principles of physics.

A single load of water is enough to keep the contents of the fridge cool for about 5 days. By the end of that time all the water evaporates from the pores, leaving the fridge ready to be refilled.

Since the concept doesn’t use any type of electricity, it can easily be moved to any part of the home, city or even country without worrying about a sustainable electrical connection.

This makes it a great innovation to have for not only poor households, but also for campers who like to stay in their camps for weeks at a time.

So if you too feel like you could make use of this smart refrigerator, then you can go book it from theĀ Mitticool Website for 5500 Rupees only.

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Posted on : 17 Aug 2016 @ 12:41

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