Nissan Bio Fuel Cell Car

[World’s First Bio Fuel Cell Electric Car]

When it comes to the world of automobiles, the type of fuel that you use can play a very important role in determining not only the power of the vehicle, but also it’s efficiency.

This is why, in the recent years we have been seeing so much innovation when it comes to various fuel types, with most system focused on powering electric cars.

The reason for the development of these systems lies behind the obvious pitfalls of the current fossil fuel based cars which pollute the environment to a great extent while also lacking in efficiency.

Still, despite these limitations, they still rule the roost so to say, because at this stage, the alternatives to fossil fuels don’t offer the same level of safety or well established infrastructure required for large scale adoption.

This however doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options out there that offer a lot of promise, one of them being the recently showcased Forze VII Hydrogen Supercar, which turned heads during the TT Circuit in Netherlands.

Another such innovation can be seen in the recently unveiled Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Car, that has been developed by the famous automobile manufacturer, Nissan.

This car is being called the World’s First Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Car, because it uses ethanol in order to power the electric engine that runs it’s wheels.

The ethanol is used to charge the 24KVH rated battery inside the vehicle, which in turn offers a mileage of about 373 Miles in a single charge.

The entire setup is based on the e-NV200, making it the closest thing any prototype has come to a real bio fuel cell production vehicle from any automobile manufacturer till date.

The unveiling of this vehicle is another great step that Nissan has taken in proving themselves to be a cutting edge automobile manufacturer. The previous one being their announcement of the ProPilot Self Driving Feature.

The only kink in the story however is that just like the self driving feature, the bio fuel cell technology too doesn’t have a set date for it’s release to the mass market.

All we can do is wait and watch to see when and how Nissan plans to incorporate this new technology in their existing lineup. We will make sure to bring you all the details about it, as it happens.

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