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In recent years, lots of car companies have started experimenting with Self Driving Technology. The aim for them is to one day make steering wheels obsolete.

While initially there wasn’t such a rush to push this technology into the consumer market, the introduction of Tesla’s Autopilot feature spurred the movement forward considerably.

However, despite billions being spent on the development of these feature, no other company is even close to achieving what Tesla has done.

But now, Nissan is about to throw it’s own contender in the market, through the introduction of a Semi-Autonomous feature that works a lot like the Autopilot.

This feature is being called the ProPilot and is expected to be launched in Japan in the next few years.

The system behind this feature uses a mono-camera sensor and Mobileye processing to constantly monitor the surrounding for real time feedback.

The computer then uses this data to maintain a fixed distance to the car in front of you, while keeping within the lane and braking when necessary.

While this may sound a lot like what Tesla has already done, the main point of difference however is the fact that you still have to keep your hands on the steering wheel to keep it running.

This security feature was put in place, in order to avoid the accidents that have been seen happening with Tesla cars, due to driver neglect.

Other than that, the system is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is push a button to start or stop it, just like you would with Cruise Control.

The company plans to introduce this feature on the Nissan Serena, a minivan which will only be sold in Japan. So, if you thought that you’d be able to get a self driving Nissan soon, think again.

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