Perceptoscope Augmented Reality Binoculars

[Custom Binoculars For Enhanced Viewing]

If you have ever gone sight seeing, you will definitely remember those sturdy binoculars that are often fixed at popular tourist locations.

These binoculars are put there to help people see the scenery in an up close and personal way, without actually having to carry around your own equipment.

While this concept is by no means new, it is now getting a high tech makeover, which will surely make it the new favorite of all travel enthusiasts.

This makeover comes in the form of the Perceptoscope, a normal looking binocular, which overlays holographic content over the regular image in order to provide an augmented reality experience.

What this means is that the next time you view your favorite tourist spot through these new binoculars, you will also get additional information about them at the same time.

This information can be as simple as labels for points of interest in the user’s view, or more advanced, such as contextual and historical data about the location.

In addition, the setup can also work for viewing buildings and projects that have yet to be built, thus removing the need for physical models completely.

This technology is already on demonstration at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) where it is being used in a Future of Cities program to demonstrate how L.A could change over time.

The success of this demonstration is expected to propel this technology forwards, with hopes of eventually reinventing the way we observe the world around us.

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Posted on : 03 Aug 2016 @ 05:25

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