Poison Pill Causes Viruses To Commit Suicide

[Scientists Beat Mother Nature By Stopping Evolution]

Just like every other creation of Mother Nature, viruses too have the ability to evolve in order to propagate their species.

While that may be good for them, it can be quite harmful for us as the growth of certain viruses eventually leads to various type of diseases in human beings.

Up until now, the approach to deal with these viruses was focused on trying to kill them as fast as possible, while they tried to evolve to survive.

But now scientists from Colorado State University (CSU) have developed a method which focuses on killing the evolution of the virus itself.

By doing so, they are able to stop the replication of the virus, which kills the virus on it’s own. To test this theory, they have developed a very special Genetic Poison Pill.

This pill is designed to work specifically with the Coxsackievirus B, which is known to cause heart disease and death in it’s victims.

Through this pill, the scientists were able to modify the Replicating Polymerase, so that the virus fights against itself for survival.

For those who don’t know, the polymerase is responsible for replicating the virus genome, while making several random mistakes in order to continue evolving.

By swapping out one amino acid in the polymerase with Tryptophan, the pill reduces the polymerase’s ability to make mutations, which in turn reduces its ability to replicate.

When the virus realizes what’s happening, it tries to correct this error by mutating again, which further only increases the rate of self destruction.

In this manner, the virus finishes itself off long before it gets a chance to grow into a full blown disease. Treatments like this give us hope that one day we would be able to deal with various types of deadly diseases quite easily, before they get out of control.

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Posted on : 02 Aug 2016 @ 06:35

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