RadPRO Mobile 40kW FLEX PLUS

[Advanced Digital X-ray System]

No matter how simple or complicated a disease/injury may be, the very first step of recovery is finding our exactly what’s wrong with the body.

While doctors are trained to find out what’s wrong with a patient just by looking at them, there still are a lot of aspects of the human body that just can’t be observed without advanced imaging.

These advanced imaging technologies include X-rays, Ultrasounds and MRI’s among others, and each requires their own special machine to execute them.

However, despite the benefits of these technologies, they have a major flaw as well, which is the fact that in their current design, they can’t be easily moved from room to room.

What this means is that no matter how critical a patient may be, they have to be stabilized and then taken to a special room before their body can be imaged.

In order to provide a compact and mobile solution to this problem, Canonā€˜s Virtual Imaging Division is unveiling a new imaging machine, called the RadPRO Mobile 40kw FLEX PLUS Digital X-ray System.

This new machine combines the latest imaging hardware with an Enhanced Workflow Package that helps the operators skip a lot of unnecessary steps between the scanning and the end results.

This way the operators can take the image, process it through third party softwares and dispatch it wireless to other devices without even leaving the patient’s side.

In addition, it’s compact body and noiseless wheels let you move it anywhere in the hospital, so that all patients can be scanning right in their own rooms.

This sort of system is what makes the difference between a speedy diagnosis and a lengthy and complicated medical treatment.

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Posted on : 06 Aug 2016 @ 05:20

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