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[Smart Bandage Speed Up Healing In Diabetic Patients]

Diabetes as a disease is already quite exhausting for people suffering from it. Not only does it force you to spend every waking moment worrying about how much you eat, but it also forces you to give a lot of your favorite foods.

These issues however are just the overt ones. There are still a lot of covert ways in which this disease can make your life a living hell.

One of them being the fact that diabetic patients aren’t able to heal as fast as regular people can. This can cause regular injuries to become life threatening quite easily.

Not to mention the fact that if not treated properly, these small injuries can become so unmanageable that doctors have to consider amputation as a means of saving your life.

So, even if the injury isn’t life threatening, it can still cause you to lose a limb very easily, which in itself is a punishment often considered as bad as death.

Thankfully, researchers from Northwestern University have found a way to lessen this dread by creating a special type of therapeutic regenerative bandage, which can improve the healing rate of diabetic patients.

This special bandage is made of a Thermo-receptive Bio-compatible Material, which works by delivering a protein that increases the body’s natural healing response.

The protein in question works by boosting the homing of repair cells to the site of injury, which in turn produce new blood vessels to increase blood flow to the site and promote wound healing.

During testing it was found that these new bandages were at least four times more effective as regular bandages in wound healing, without any side effects.

We don’t yet know how much more testing will be required before these bandages become market ready, but for the sake of the well being of diabetic patients, we hope it comes soon.

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Posted on : 25 Aug 2016 @ 10:12

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