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[Custom Furniture Combines Multiple Units Into One]

It is a common feature in every civilization, that as the population increases, so do their housing needs. Although the main difference being that not everyone gets the same amount of space to live in.

While most people can afford a nice big house in the suburbs, for people living in the city, getting a large enough living area is a very big struggle.

For these people, the only solutions remains is to populate their homes with either small pieces of furniture, or look for expensive modular units.

Now, a new startup called Ori Systems aims to provide a middle ground, in the form of Custom Robotic Furniture that can change into multiple pieces if and when required.

This smart furniture concept uses elements of robotics, architecture and design, and was initially developed in MIT’s Media Lab in partnership with designer Yves BĂ©har.

The unit contains various pieces of furniture, which care expanded to create different rooms, with just a touch of a button.

These pieces move back and forth on wheels without the need for tracks on the floor, which makes the unit easy to setup and move.

To make this possible, the system uses a single linear actuator, which attached to an adjacent wall in order to pull the unit along. This actuator is powered by a conventional electric motor which is very energy efficient.

As we said before, the unit contains different pieces of furniture, which include a media center with shelving space, storage and a bench on one side.

The other side contains a closet, a desk and a bed that slides out from underneath the unit. The profile on the closet side is kept flat so that it can be pushed against a wall.

This makes the closet/bed side completely invisible and also opens up more space in front of the media center.

To make sure that the unit is truly modular, the designers have also included an option for integrated lighting. This lighting as well as the furniture can be controlled both through physical buttons or via an accompanying mobile app.

If you are also getting excited about getting this amazing set for yourself, then you’ll have to wait for some time, as the company is yet to reveal any details regarding the price and availability of the units. Whenever they do so, we will make sure to let you know.

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