Robots Create New Guinness World Record

[1000 Robots Dance Together To Break Record]

Robots are amazing creations that are created in all shapes and forms in order to complete various tasks with precision and grace.

But when the first generation of robots were being built, noone would have ever thought that one day they would be used for dancing.

Executing this weird goal in reality, is a company called Ever Win Company, who assembled more than 1000 robots to not only dance, but also break a world record while doing it.

What we are talking about is a Robotic Dance Display that was carried out by the 1000+ robots at the Qingdao Beer Festival held in China.

More specifically, 1007 robots danced at the festival, in the process setting a new Guinness World Record for most robots dancing in synchronization at the same time.

This record was previously held by another such demonstration carried out by a company called UBTECH Robotics Corp, which featured 540 robots dancing together.

What’s really impressive about this demonstration is the fact that all the robots were being controlled by a single smartphone, making it a truly singular performance.

As expected, a few robots were disqualified after they fell over or stopped dancing, which is the least disastrous thing that could have happened to this event.

To make this record possible, the robots were embedded with a special encryption technology, that helped reduce interference from nearby device, thereby letting the robots dance in peace.

While this type of displays don’t really do anything special to advance the future of robotics, they still give us a glimpse into the future of synchronized robotics, which is to some people more important that the advancement itself.

Not that this record is set and behind us, it is now time to look towards the future, where someone else will try to break this record with an even more impressive feat of robotic dancing.

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Posted on : 14 Aug 2016 @ 04:54

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