ROV Underwater Drone Concept

[Compact Drone For Underwater Expeditions]

In the past few years, we have seen all kinds of drones do all kinds of amazing things in all kinds of places all over the world.

This has been made possible by the rapid development and interest in flight technologies, which have made it possible for cheaper and more sophisticated drones to be created.

A big reason behind the push that the UAV segment received was that there were hundreds of applications that these drones were perfect for, which would have been potentially harmful if done by humans.

In addition to the open skies, there’s also another type of environment which also has hundreds of applications that drones are perfect for; underwater.

As we know, water covers approximately 70% of the earth, and we have barely explored half of it. So it makes sense for drones to be created specifically for exploring these unknown regions of our planet.

Unfortunately, not a lot of companies are focused on developing underwater drones, so a designer by the name of Ron Ferencz took it upon himself to create one.

This creation is called the ROV, a Remote Operated Vehicle that uses a special waterproof design to move around underwater just like a fish.

To make these movements possible, the drone uses a three fan setup, one large fan for up and down movements, and two smaller ones for propulsion.

In addition, it also features a high definition camera mounted on a flexible neck so that users can see where they are going and record what they’re seeing.

Other than that, the rest of the drone is pretty minimalistic when it comes to designs and features. Although this simplistic look gives it a rather charming appeal.

We don’t yet know any details regarding the power source, performance or cost of the drone, as it is still a concept. But we do hope that it moves into production soon, so that we too may be able to explore the world around us in a new light.

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