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[Liquid Makes Clothes Repair Themselves]

Ever since the dawn of civilization, we have been trying to find the best ways to cover up our bodies. The importance of this daily ritual is so high that we have even accepted clothing as part of our culture.

But while different people from different cultures wear clothes of all shapes, sizes and materials, the one thing that they hold common amongst each other is the fact that they too have to change their clothes every year or so.

The reason being that even the most sturdy clothes can easily be worn down through extensive use, causing them to rip and tear, thus becoming unusable after a certain period of time.

This issue cannot be avoided no matter how much money you spend on clothes from various brands. Thankfully, it seems that in the coming future, this problem will become an issue of the past.

This will happens thanks of a new type of technology which is expected to make clothes invulnerable to wear and tear, and even rips.

Making these claims possible are scientists from Pennsylvania State University who have found a way to repair clothes using a special Biodegradable Liquid that can rejoin torn ends of a cloth using bacteria and yeast.

While the invention of such a product is amazing in itself, but what’s really impressive is the simplicity of it’s use, as all you need to do is apply a few drops of the liquid to the torn pieces of any fabric.

These pieces are then supplemented with warm water, after which you just hold the edges together and keep them pressed for 60 seconds.

Within this time, the liquid will help the pieces join together permanently, so that the material is made as good as new without using any special equipment.

To make sure that their product provides a truly universal utility, the research team spent quite a lot of time testing it on all types of commonly worn fabrics like wool, cotton and polyester.

Through these tests, they were able to showcase that not only did the product work, but it did so without affecting the quality of the material.

This is great news for both manufacturers and consumers, as often high efficiency treatments end up eroding the quality of the material from the inside out.

The researchers will now focus on working with the people from the textile industry to develop a new range of clothing that could come with this technology already inbuilt. Until that dream becomes a reality, we can just wait and watch.

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Source: PSU
Posted on : 17 Aug 2016 @ 23:08

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