Shibusa Modular Bike

[Electric Bike Features Interchangeable Components]

In the recent years, biking has become a popular means of transport for people who live in traffic dense cities and want to explore ways of escaping the inevitable jams.

However, the simple task of choosing a bike to buy has now become a hassle in itself for these people are there are countless products from various companies to pick from.

This choice becomes even more hard when you include all the electric bikes that are now present in the market, ready to let consumers ride into the sunset without any effort.

To make this choice a little less complicated, a lot of designers are including unique elements to their bikes, like the TwiCycle 2WD, so that the customers can change the look and feel of their bikes if needed.

Taking this customization to the next level is an industrial designer called Elvin Chu, who has come up with a sleek electric bike called the Shibusa.

This bike comes with a unique design that lets you add various components into the bike to make it more suitable to your needs. These parts include a storage rack, a bike light, a bike light with inbuilt an battery pack as well as an electronic motor.

All these parts can be put on and taken off depending on the needs of the users. So, in a way, you can always remove these components to get a traditional bike.

This makes it quite a different product when compared to other electric bikes, since their electric systems cannot be removed, making them a permanent weight addition to the design.

Given the amount of customization it involves, it goes without saying that this bike is still in the concept stage. It will take quite some time to tweak the design further to make it more scalable.

However, we hope that it happens sooner than later, because we are living in the health revolution and lots of people would definitely benefit from owning a bike like this.

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Posted on : 25 Aug 2016 @ 22:16

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