Smart 2 Password Protected Gun

[Self Locking Gun Uses Number Pin For Unlocking]

Gun safety is one of the biggest concerns facing civilized society today. Guns were initially designed to prevent us from getting harmed, but somehow they’ve become the very thing that we must be afraid of.

This is due to the increasing cases of gun related incidents that have been occurring across the globe. Some of these cases are premeditated acts of violence, while others are just cases of the guns getting in the wrong hands at the wrong time.

Both of these types of incidents can be avoided if guns were created with enhanced security systems that made them tamper proof.

While there are guns out there that have Bio-metric or RFID based locking mechanisms, these systems are just too unreliable to be taken as a serious solutions.

To address these issues, a San Diego based startup called Safety First Arms has created a new type of gun prototype that features a PIN password based security system.

This new type of gun is called the Smart 2 pistol, and what makes it special is a built-in PIN pad that works in sync with a self locking tamper proof locking mechanism.

The PIN system is self explanatory, while the self locking mechanism works by monitoring a secondary safety on the back of the grip, that has to be help at all times in order to operate the gun.

If your hand comes off the grip for even a second, the gun automatically locks itself, so that whoever (potentially) disarmed you can’t use the weapon against you.

In addition to this dual layer protection, the gun also comes with a Theft Guard Feature, which uses motion detectors to keep track of the weapon.

This way, if the weapon is moved by someone else, it will sound out a loud alarm unless the PIN isn’t entered immediately. Between this and the other features, this gun becomes one of the most secure firearms out there.

In order to provide a demonstration of these systems, the company created two 3D Printed Prototypes, one of a 9MM pistol and the other of a AR-15 Rifle.

Based on these prototypes the company has already secured over a million dollars work of orders even though the gun is yet to go into production.

This is a great showcase of exactly how much this sort of system is needed in the current scenario and how valuable it will be when it does finally come to the market. Even though we can’t tell you when that will happen, we expect the estimated price to be around $1,295.

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Posted on : 12 Aug 2016 @ 22:10

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