Smart Tactile Paving

[Electronic Street Crossings For Smartphone Addicts]

Smartphones are easily the most used tools in the world today. Millions of people perform their day to day tasks while buried behind the screens of their smartphones.

While this can be extremely helpful for those who want to use the amazing technology for making their work easier, it can also be extremely harmful as well.

What we are talking about are the thousands of accidents that happen consistently owing to the enormous distraction smartphones cause for us.

It has been seen that a majority of these accidents happen while the people are crossing streets with their heads down, tapping away on the bright screen.

While there systems that could help prevent these disasters (such as traffic lights and warning signs) most of them are located in positions that require a person to up erect and attentive.

So, in order to make sure that these warnings get to the smartphone addicts despite their unique posture, a company called Büro North has developed a new type of alert system just for smartphone users.

This system is called Smart Tactile Paving, and it features electronic tiles that work in sync with traffic lights. What makes them special is that these tiles are located on the ground.

This way, even if you are walking around with your head down, you can still notice the tiles and easily understand the warning they are trying to display.

Another benefit of this system is that it works with the existing infrastructure setup already in place and being used by regular traffic lights, which makes it cost effective as well.

We just hope that the various governments around the world take notice of this technology as soon as possible, so that countless lives can be saved.

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Posted on : 07 Aug 2016 @ 10:53

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