Stopping Hackers With Augmented Reality

[Microsoft Hololens Headsets For Threat Detection]

Augmented Reality is not exactly a new technology, yet it’s adoption for real life applications has been quite slow over the years.

This could be attributed to the lack of a proper augmented reality system that could be modified to suit the needs of various industries.

But now, with the advent of the Microsoft Hololens Technology, this limitation of mixed reality experiences seems to be coming to an end.

While we have already seen the Hololens being used for various uses, such as Virtual Test Drives and Controlling Drones, this seems to be the first time it has ever been considered for security purposes as well.

This vision of virtual security has been fulfilled by the Airbus Research Center, who have created a system that lets users deal with cyber threats with virtual interactions.

This process works by scanning the production line and behavioral changes in the machinery for abnormalities that shouldn’t be present.

When the system detects a problem, the security team is then alerted to fix the error. Here is the point where the virtual technology comes in.

With the help of Hololens headsets, the security personal are quickly guided to the exact point where the problem is originating from, whether it be a server or a piece of machinery.

Since the detection and alerts are all broadcasted via a virtual interface, the person incharge doesn’t actually have to physically search for the point of error.

This not only helps them save a lot of time in diagnosing the problem, but also in taking care of it, as now the issue can be resolved just by using hand gestures.

This way the person taking care of the problem doesn’t have to carry their own laptops along while trying to fix problems in multiple areas.

As you can see, it is a great innovation in the field of both virtual reality and cyber security. We can’t wait until this type of technology get more widespread for a more secure future.

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Posted on : 01 Aug 2016 @ 15:31

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