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[Largest Battery Factory In The World]

Tesla is a brand that has become synonymous with innovation. It is their fearless attitude towards risk taking that has helped this image develop and flourish.

But while most people already know about their impressive feats when it comes to the design and performance of their products, not a lot of people focus on how they actually make these amazing products.

If they knew, they would start considering the manufacturing process as a feat of innovation itself. What we are trying to hint towards is the amazing work of engineering that is the Tesla Gigafactory.

It wasn’t long ago when Tesla first announced it’s plans to build a world class factory which would be solely dedicated towards manufacturing lithium batteries for their other products.

While initially this announcement doesn’t really sound interesting, but it does get interesting when you add the fact that once completed, this factory will be the Largest Battery Factory In The World.

When we say largest, we don’t just mean the size, which is a whopping 3200 Acres, but also the capacity, as this factory when running at full capacity will produce more batteries than all the factories in the world.

The choice of location for this factory are the outskirts of Reno, Nevada; a location which is located just 5 hours away from Tesla’s Fremont Factory which is responsible for the assembly of cars.

Here, each day, over 1000 workers show up on a daily basis to make Elon Musk’s dream come true. At this rate and with this manpower, the factory is already expected to be complete by 2020.

Once done, it will generate over 10,000 jobs for the people living nearby. These people will be responsible for maintaining and operating dozens of hi-tech machines that will carry out most of the heavy lifting.

But just because the construction is yet to be completed doesn’t mean that the factory is a ghost town at the current stage. In fact, with just 14% of operational space, Tesla already plans to begin manufacturing by the end of this year.

The batteries produced will actually be manufactured by Tesla’s battery partner, Panasonic, while Tesla themselves would handle the assembling and packaging.

We don’t yet know if the products manufactured at this stage will contain any superior qualities, but what we do know is that they will be at least 30% cheaper than existing lithium batteries.

The decision to carry out this phase of early manufacturing is aimed at giving the company a chance to test the facilities, so that they can remedy any practical problems that don’t show up in blueprints.

It is this habit of preemptive course correction that has helped Tesla avoid the pitfalls that traditional manufacturers often face. It is also what makes their progress so interesting to observe.

Therefore, we will definitely make sure to keep you updated regarding any new development that comes up.

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