Treating UTI’s Without Antibiotics

[Researchers Are Trying To Trigger Natural Immune Response]

UTI’s or Urinary Tract Infections are some of the most common infections that the human body has to deal with at one time or another.

This infection is caused by E. coli or other bacteria, that enter the urinary tract and attach themselves to the cell wall of the bladder, urethra, or kidneys.

Once there, they can cause a lot of damage if let untreated. Fortunately, this problem can be treated with the help of antibiotics that are designed specifically for targeting these issues.

Unfortunately, since the bacteria are exposed to such antibiotics so much, they begin to develop a resistance to them, in turn making the treatment useless.

This is a big problem as without proper treatment, these drug resistant superbugs can become lethal to the people who have the misfortune of getting stuck with them.

While there certainly are researchers who are looking for new strains of Disease Fighting Bacteria to create better medicines, we simply cannot rely on them to take care of the entire problem by themselves.

Therefore, as an alternate to medicinal treatment, researchers have now started to look for ways to take care of these UTI’s by triggering the human bodies natural immune response.

The reason this wasn’t already the main focus of research was the fact that even though the bladder is known to shed it’s lining in order to wash out any bacteria inside, this process isn’t always a 100% effective.

This led researchers to believe that it wasn’t possible for the body to naturally eradicate the bacteria on it’s own. But a new research done at Duke University leads us to believe that we were only looking at half the solution.

Under this new research, it was discovered that a special protein complex called Exocyst can actually pinpoint the location of harmful bacteria hiding in the vesicles, thus making sure that even if this bacteria isn’t washed away during regular shedding, it can still be thrown out.

To accomplish that, the immune system sends in organelles called Lysosomes, which break down almost everything in a cell, including bacteria. If the lysosomes aren’t able to do the job, they can then regurgitate the bacteria so that it can be disposed off by other means.

In this manner, the human body can find several ways of taking care of the problem on it’s own. Now that the researchers know this fact, it is their job to find a way to trigger this natural mechanism through medical intervention.

To create such a medical trigger, they are looking at various materials that can work under these circumstances, with Forskolin, a plant extract, as a strong contender.

While there isn’t any fixed information about when and in what form this trigger will be developed, the mere fact that we are going towards the right direction, is enough to give hope to thousands of people who suffer from this issue.

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Source: Cell Journal
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Posted on : 29 Aug 2016 @ 22:54

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