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[Virtual Viewer Visualizes CT/MRI Exams In 3D]

When it comes to diagnosing any particular conditions, doctors often enlist the help of various imaging technologies such as CT Scans and MRI Scans.

While these scans provide lots of important information to the trained observer, they still can’t really help you grasp what’s actually happening in the three dimensional space.

That’s because unlike the human body, these scans are only two dimensional, which leaves out plenty of important information behind.

To help doctors make better sense of the information that’s gathered by these imaging technologies, a California based company called EchoPixel has just released a special 3D viewer.

This device is called the True 3D Viewer, and it is one of the first FDA approved displays that converts the 2D image take from CT/MRI Scans and converts them into 3D.

To make this technology a possibility, the company teamed up with the tech giant HP, so that they could introduce the Zvr Interactive Virtual Reality Display into the mix as well.

What this means is that the physician in charge can not only view the 3D model on the screen, but can also make the model come out of the screen, thanks to a special pair of 3D glasses that work with the Zvr display.

This floating model can then be observed from all angles, and also be manipulated thanks to a special pen that comes as part of the set.

Technologies like this can really help the doctors not only diagnose the issue, but also figure out the best method of approach in regards to potential treatments.

These amazing features make this technology a must have in any hospital/clinic, to help save the lives of countless patients in need.

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