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When it comes to luxury cars, not a lot of models gets the same kind of recognition as the Maybach series from Mercedes Benz. Part of this appeal is the exclusivity that often comes with the brand.

The other part of the appeal comes from the fact that Mercedes spends a lot of time trying to make sure that the cars that they produce are the best in almost everything.

This can not only be observed in their production model cars, but their concepts as well. So it goes without saying that now that we are entering the age of electronic automobiles, people would start looking towards Maybach to lead the charge again.

Fortunately for these people, Mercedes too had been looking forward to this challenge, and they have answered it in the form of the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 Coupe Concept.

This concept, is in their own words, a throwback to the glorious age of the aero coupes, thanks to it’s extremely long and luxurious design.

The car itself stands at 18.5 feet long, with the long hood taking a lot of this length. The rest of the space is taken up mostly by the cabin, which is as cutting edge as each line on the body itself.

The body lines are extremely long, as blend in well with the Gullwing Doors, which have become a trademark look for exception vehicles from the brand.

One you open the doors, you are treated to a futuristic cabin, which features an open look, since most of the dashboard functionalities have been pushed up into a smart windshield display.

This gave the engineers a chance to drastically reduce the size of the dashboard, freeing up a lot of cabin space in the process.

The displays, along with the car itself are powered by an electric engine, which is strong enough to produce an approximate output of 550kW / 738bhp at full charge.

This amazing figure lets the car achieve even more amazing figures, such a 0-100 in under 4 seconds, as well as the ability to cover 500kms in a single charge.

While there have been other concepts, like the Thunder Power Sedan, that can possibly beat this model in specs, but this car still takes the edge is sheer style.

This is because despite all these specs, the real focus still remains on luxury, which can be easily seen in the rest of the cabin, which features leather seats, wood trims as well as several inbuilt comfort systems that the customers have come to expect from the company.

All these features make this car a must have for any collector. Unfortunately, since this is just a concept, that cannot happen. Although it might be possible since Mercedes has been hinting that it might after all pursue this path as well.

If and when that happens, we promise to keep you updated on all the juicy information. Till then, enjoy this beauty some more.

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