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[Smart Sensor Lets You See Through Walls]

When it comes to constructing or maintaining a house, knowing exactly what’s going on inside your walls is a very important issue, as it can save you a lot of money in repairs.

However, getting a proper view inside the walls isn’t as easy as it sounds. Up until now, this task had been taken care of with the help of stud sensors, which didn’t prove out to be an accurate solution.

Thankfully, now a new sensor for Android smartphones is here to give you the chance to digitalize this process completely. This new sensor is called the WalabotDIY.

The sensor is actually built into a smart device that can be attached to any common android smartphone with the help of inbuilt magnetic attachments.

While this may not have the same range as the X-Ray Through The Wall Tech, it still gives you more than enough information in such a small form factor.

This device is then attached to your smartphone via the USB port. This way, the information gathered by the device can be directly viewed through an accompanying app.

The information in question is the 3D image of the interior of your walls, including the pipes, wiring and even unwanted infestations that would otherwise go unnoticed.

In order to make this possible, the sensor uses Vayyar Imaging’s 3D Sensor Technology which is for the first time on sale as an expensive smartphone accessory for construction workers as well as the general public.

We say expensive, because the device is definitely more expensive than a stud sensor, costing around $200 per unit. So, if you think you can make use of such a device and have the money for it, then by all means, go get it.

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