World’s Largest Vertical Farm

[Growing Plants Without Soil, Sunlight Or Water]

A company called AeroFarm is currently working on setting up the World’s Largest Vertical Farm inside an abandoned steel mill in New Jersey.

What makes this installation even more special is the fact that the system they are putting in place will not require soil, water or even sunlight for the plants to grow.

Now, before you start imagining all sorts of weird breeds growing in a dusky lab, it should be made clear that their is to actually grow over 250 kinds of vegetables and plants in this facility.

To make this possible, they will be taking the help of Aeroponics Technology, which features rows upon rows of crops, growing in vertical beds surrounded by LED lights and a nutrient rich mist.

Between these two stimuli, the entire facility would be able to produce over two million pounds of veggies without even using a single ounce of fertilizers or pesticides.

While we don’t know whether they will manually monitor the output of the facility or let the Plants Talk for themselves, but the results will surely shed a new light on how sustainable such a small space can be.

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