Yardian Smart Irrigation System

[Lawn Maintenance & Security Combined]

Lawn maintenance is without a doubt the most boring, yet tedious part of owning a lawn. Not only do you have to make sure that it is properly maintained, but you also protect it from all sorts of intruders.

Up until now, all these various tasks were carried out by individual systems that had to be controlled and adjusted through manual input.

While there are certain irrigation systems that do support autonomous function, their functionality is however, quite limited too, as you have to reprogram the system manually every time you want to make a change.

Still, even after you program the system, there’s no way of knowing exactly how efficient the system is considering the current and future weather conditions.

This sort of ambiguity and half solutions is what inspired a designer by the name of Yu-Shu Hsieh to create a new type of irrigation system that not only knows what it’s doing, but also keeps you updated about it.

This Smart Irrigation System is called the Yardian, and it is made up of an autonomous lawn-watering robot combined with a surveillance camera.

The Yardian works by constantly monitoring your garden via a surveillance camera that has night vision and motion sensing capabilities.

This footage can easily be accessed by the owners over the internet, along with alerts regarding changing weather conditions, and pictures/videos of any person or creature that enters your garden without permission.

This way the owner can stay updated about the condition of his yard, while also keeping it safe. In addition to helping the owners surveil their property, the system also helps them automate the maintenance of the area.

This works because the same footage is also reviewed by Yardian’s advanced cloud servers, which then determine the best course of dispersion for the water in your garden.

By tweaking the amount of water as well as it’s distribution, Yardian is able to prevent a huge amount of water wastage, thus helping in making sure your usage is optimized based on weather patterns and governmental water restrictions.

In this manner, you are able to combine several systems into one, thus reducing your expenditure as well as maintenance costs, since the entire setup is already housed in a tough waterproof box that doesn’t give away any information at first look.

If you feel you could benefit from the features of this highly advanced system, then you can go to theĀ Yardian Kickstarter Page and get it now for just $159.

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Source: Kickstarter
Posted on : 18 Aug 2016 @ 17:52

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