Yirego Drumi Washing Machine

[Machine Cleans Clothes Without Using Electricity]

Washing clothes is a task that every human being performs on a regular basis for almost their entire lives. So, it’s no surprise that it is also the task that takes up a large part of our monthly costs.

These costs can be divided into various aspects, such as water, detergent and most of all electricity, which are more often than not wasted to a large extent in traditional machines.

Managing these costs may not be such a big worry for people who can afford it, but for those who have a tight budget for money/resources (such as students, hikers, people in remote areas) it is still something they have to think about constantly.

To help people like this, a Toronto based company called Yirego has brought forward an innovative invention for washing clothes, called the Drumi.

What makes the Drumi so innovative is the fact that it doesn’t use electricity at all. Instead, it uses a foot powered washer to clean your clothes.

As expected from an unconventional design like this, the load bearing capacity of this machine is not as great as traditional washing machines, since it can only take care of 5 pounds (6-7 items) of clothing at a time.

The clothes are loaded into the round tub, along with the detergent and only 5 litres of water. Once all that is in place, all you need to do is push the pedal for at least 5 minutes.

After that, the water is drained by pushing a button, so that the process can be repeated for proper cleaning. As you can see by now, the main aim of this technology is to reduce resource consumption while helping you burn some fat.

This makes it a great product to have for anyone who wants to keep their clothes clean without digging a hole into their pockets. If you too are one of these people, then you can go to theĀ Yirego Website and buy the machine for $239.

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