A 2,300 Year Old Egyptian Mummy

[Researchers Use 3D Printing To Reconstruct Face]

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have managed to reconstruct the face of an ancient Egyptian mummy, with the help of 3D printing.

This project was undertaken in an attempt to teach students, how to diagnose pathology that leaves it’s marks on our anatomy as a result of our interactions with the environment.

The subject of this project was a woman, named Meritamum by the researchers. They believe that she used to be alive sometime around 300 BC.

However, other than the estimate of her age, we don’t really know a lot about this woman’s life, or whether she holds any important value in our history.

In fact, the only reason she was chosen for this project is because the researchers just found her skull by accident inside the university’s collections area.

Without this happy accident, she might as well have stayed in the university for who knows how long. Thankfully, once she was discovered, it was decided that she be used to help students learn.

Unfortunately, the problem with this plan was that, the skill was starting to rot, putting a very limited time frame for it to be useful.

Not to mention, that it was almost impossible to actually study the skull without further damaging the specimen. It was then, that the researchers decided to recreate the woman herself.

In order to do so, they first took several CT scans of the skull, which were then manipulated through various softwares, until the complete skull was ready for printing.

Once the entire skull was printed through extensive 3D printing, it was then time to use some exceptional forensic sculpting techniques in order to bring the woman to life.

Now that everything has been done, we finally have the chance to look at, feel and study the face of a 2300 year old Egyptian woman. It certainly is an exciting time to be alive in.

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Posted on : 11 Sep 2016 @ 18:48

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