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Apple has introduced a brand new product into the market, called the Apple Airpods. The Airpods are actually wireless earphones that have been developed for superior performance.

These earpods are a perfect add-on for people who already own the iPhone and Apple Watch, and want to truly take the user experience into the wearable category.

Between the Watch and the Airpods, the user can easily conduct all their business without even taking out their phones. This holds true even when you’re just starting out the day, as Apple has included an instant connectivity feature with the earpods.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Airpods are just another accessory. Other the contrary, their ability to focus and sound and maintain the clarity is what makes them a threat to an already cluttered earphone market.

In order to give the Airpods an edge over the implied competition, Apple included the devices with a one of a kind W1 Chip, which is responsible for electronically enhancing the sound for better experience.

This chip also helps reduce the deterioration that sound waves experience when transmitted wireless between devices, thus ensuring a flawless experience for users.

Despite all these electronic activity going on inside, the Airpods still manage a decent battery life of approximately 5 hours. We and Apple both know though, that that time is not enough for a lot of users, which is why they have also included a charging case with the Airpods.

This charging case provides an additional 25 hours of battery life to the Airpods, which is a great backup option considered all the audio content we consume on a daily basis.

Overall, this is a good first attempt for Apple in the audio market, and hopefully a fruitful one, as Beats has already announced a partnership with Apple for the use of the W1 Chips for their headphones as well.

While those may be some time away, you can still get a pair of AirPods for just $159, with shipping starting in late October.

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