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At one of the most anticipated tech event of the year, Apple unveiled it’s new range of smartphones, the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus.

The entire tech industry was looking forward to this event for quite some time, as it would decide how the smartphone market would shape itself in the coming year.

With high levels of excitement, a lot of people, including us had made Predictions About iPhone 7, which proved out to be quite accurate. Moreover, the execution of the concept was as beautiful as we expected.

In familiar fashion, let’s take a look at various parts of the new iPhone to see how far we have come.

As we have come to expect, Apple did an excellent job of rendering the new iPhone is a sleek yet elegant style. The body is familiar to the previous iPhone, yet the finish is something entirely new. The care Apple has put into the crafting shows through quite easily.

Among the various changes, the most obvious is the decision to push the antenna lines to the borders, giving the phone a more mature and complete look.

This uninterrupted surface provides ample opportunity for the colors to pop. The two new black shades are especially suited for the new look of the phone.

However, the pleasant structure doesn’t mean that the phones cannot stick it out under harsh conditions. A feature that points to this is the much needed Water & Dust Resistance Rating that both the new phones receive.

Unlike most smartphones, the iPhone is never categorized by it’s resolution statistics. On the contrary, their focus remains on giving the users the best possible viewing experience. The new Retina HD Displays does exactly that, with it’s wide color range, 25% more brightness and color management systems.

Force Touch
Like the phone before, the iPhone 7 continues the evolution of the Force Touch Interface, extending it all the way to the Home Button, which is now a Solid State, Force Sensitive Button that offers you Taptic Feedback.

The camera was one part of the iPhone that had the most rumors come true. As predicted, the iPhone 7 gets a single 12MP lens, with f1.8 aperture and Optical Image Stabilization.

This setup is supposed to be 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient than the previous one, thanks to a highly capable Image Signal Processor. Through this setup, the users can create and edit amazing photographs

As far as the big brother is concerned, the Dual Camera rumor was true after all, as the iPhone 7 Plus receives two 12 MP cameras with one Telephoto and one Wide Angle Lens.

The reason for choosing these is to be able to take pictures that have a high level of zoom and adjustable depth of field, making this a highly versatile offering.

Aiding these cameras  in their job is a new True Tone Flash System that integrates 4 LED flashes and a flicker sensor in order to bring out the perfect lighting.

Rounding up the segment is the 7MP Facetime HD camera that is the same in both phones, and is able to take advantage of the fullscreen flash feature in iOS.

This is probably the most controversial part of the unveiling, as the horrible rumors of the demise of the 3.5mm jack proved out to be true. Also false were the rumors of a second speaker taking the place of the jack.

Instead, the new phones take a different approach at achieving Stereo Sound, with one speaker at the bottom and another at the top. This has been done keeping in mind the widescreen viewing experience.

The addition of another speaker, along with the unique orientation helps the phones achieve twice the volume output that we used to get from the previous models.

But if you aren’t a big speaker listener, then you don’t have to fret, as Apple is bringing a new range of wire and wireless Earpods. The wireless earpods are called Airpods, while the wired one are called Lightning Earpods, since that’s where they connect to now.

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean your existing 3.5MM electronics are a waste, since Apple is promising to provide a Lightning to 3.5MM Dongle with each phone.

As expected, Apple broke their old performance records yet again with the new A10 Fusion chip, which they claim are powerful enough to meet the needs of all the new and exciting features.

Built around a 64 bit four core processor, this new chip is supposedly 40X faster than the A9, even with the presence of 2 high efficiency cores that are dedicated towards keeping the energy consumption of apps down.

While we didn’t get a definite answer on the question of the RAM, is it fair to believe that this part too must have gotten some unknown upgrade.

When we talk about so many features and so much power, it becomes obvious that some part of the setup will have to suffer in order to sustain the performance.

Usually this part is the battery life, but Apple has managed to keep it under wraps yet again. Being advertised as the Longest Battery Life ever on the iPhone, this new battery provides you 2 more hours per day of output as compared to the 6S, with one more hour for the Plus.

If used carefully, this can be enough to last you an entire day of use.

Pricing & Availability
If by going through this comprehensive list of the advancements in the new iPhone, you too have developed a craving for a new phone, then you don’t have to wait too much, as the pre-orders are beginning from September 9, with shipping from September 16th.

For those who are waiting to purchase, the iPhone 7 will start at $649 for 32GB, and going from here all the way up to 256GB. The iPhone 7 Plus on the other hands, starts at $769 for 32Gb, and also going all the up to 256GB.

This upgrade in storage space was both long rumored and highly appreciated. In the day and age of demanding applications, it is good to have spare space for all your stuff.

Whether you are going to follow through with the purchase or not is a different topic, but from the perspective of a pure tech enthusiast, it is good to see a certain level of innovation that exudes such confidence and sensuality. All in all, it is certainly one of the best ones in the market.

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