Apple Watch Series 2

[The Evolution Continues]

Apple has just unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 2, which features a lot of upgrades over the older model, which still retaining it’s simplistic charm.

While being a great product, it is important to remember, that initially Apple Watch wasn’t expected to be successful. It was more considered as an attempt from Apple to try and resell the iPod Mini is a new packaging.

However, the response of the general public towards this product flushed away any doubts left in the minds of tech enthusiasts, that Apple Watch was here to stay.

The success of the first generation almost instantly made sure that we would get another version with time, and this new version is almost all the we expected.

Keeping the tradition of extreme jumps in performance, the new version of the watch features a new S2 SIP Chip, which has a Dual Core Processor that’s 50% faster than the outgoing model.

In addition the GPU also gets a 2X improvement in Graphic Performance. These improvements are highlighted easily when you see certain apps running at 60FPS quality on your wrist.

These graphics are showcased on a 2nd Generation Display, which is supposed to have 2X the brightness, making it an ideal device to look at even under the harsh sunlight.

Continuing this trend of outdoor specific features, the watch is now also Swim Proof, which means that you can now take it with you during your swimming laps.

The water resistance is powerful enough to get a rating of 50 Meters, which was made possible thanks to an almost sealed design and a very clever mechanism that allows the speakers themselves to expel any leftover water.

In addition to these, the watch also comes with Built-in GPS, which can be utilized to provide you constant navigation updates, as well as the capability to play augmented reality games like Pokemon Go.

You must be noticing by now, that most of the advancements of the watch focus around the outdoor users, rather than someone who likes to sit in the office all day.

However, that doesn’t mean that an office goer can’t enjoy the watch. To give the watch this universal appeal, Apple has made sure users get a lot of options, from Aluminum, to Stainless Steel and even Ceramic.

These materials have their own set of stylish and functional bands, which are designed by all sorts of high end fashion and electronic brands.

An example of exactly how diverse this range is, comes from the two watches that were showcased at the event, one from Hermes and the other from Nike.

These two faces of the same device give us a clear glimpse into the scope of the market that Apple seems to have carved for themselves with this product.

This wide market also means that the product must have an appealing price point as well. Towards this end, Apple has decided to seel the Apple Watch Series 2, as well as the Apple Nike+ Watch at a price point of $369.

At the same time, the outgoing model is receiving a Dual Core upgrade, making it the Apple Watch Series 1, which features a price point of $269.

In this way, Apple has made sure that both generations of Apple Watches remain relevant, while also providing multiple options to the picky public to choose from.

So, if you too want to get one of these models for yourself, then you better start gathering your piggy banks, as the pre-orders start from September 9th.

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