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[Company Creates Milk Without Cows]

A California based company called Perfect Day has found a way to create artificial milk in a lab, cutting out the need for cows completely.

This creation was a result of years of research conducted by a team of researchers who were looking for ways to reduce the burden that dairy farms put on both natural resources and the economy.

While there have been other attempts to replace dairy products with the likes of soy beans, almonds and rice it was found that even though they seem like health alternatives, in reality they lack in the nutrition department.

This is why the team decided to actually duplicate dairy products, instead of just finding secondary replacements for them.

To do so, they took a special type of genetically modified yeast, called Buttercup, and then used it to produce Casein from sugar.

For those of you who don’t know, Casein is milk protein, which can be easily converted to produce edible milk, that has the same nutritional value as regular milk.

In doing so, they have found a sustainable and eco friendly way of replacing cows themselves, when it comes to dairy product production.

Another thing that makes this such a great achievement, is the fact that the procedure reduces the impact on the environment considerably, since the process saves 98% water, 91% land, and 84% carbon emissions when compared to traditional dairy farms.

When you combine all these benefits along with the fact that the new type of milk is also lactose and cholesterol free, it certainly removes any inhibitions people may have about drinking Artificial Milk.

Even though it may not be as nutritional as the upcoming Cockroach Milk, it is still a great step towards making our food consumption more sustainable.

This focus on sustainability is why the company is taking such a long time, when it comes to introducing this product into the market. At current estimates, we expect the products to be introduced sometime in 2017, which isn’t such a long wait if you think about it. All we have to do is wait and watch.

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