Direct To Object Inkjet Printer

[Machine Can Print On Any Object]

The well known printing giant Xerox, has come up with a new type of Inkjet Printer, which is called the Direct To Object Inkjet Printer.

This printer is an attempt by the company to revitalize traditional printing by giving it the same level of customization that made 3D Printers so famous.

This does not however mean that you will be able to Print Food or Clothes with Inkjet Printers now, since this is more about improving the existing system rather than introducing an entire new way to completing the task.

The improvement that we are referring to is the ability of this new printer to print anything on any object imaginable, which is a big jump from current printing technology, which up until now was limited to a few two dimensional surfaces.

To make this possible, the printer uses Microscopic Nozzles that are so small that each one can be compared with half the width of a human hair.

These nozzles work together to create a spray patterns that can spray ink on all sorts of surfaces, made from all sorts of objects, including but not limited to plastic, glass, ceramic and metal.

Since the entire process is controlled by an algorithm, each spray can be customized to the liking of the user, with a resolution range of 300-1200 DPI.

In addition to these features, the printer also maintains a high speed of operation, which up until now has been a weak point of 3D printing.

With all these advancements, this printer can go through at least 30 objects per hour, since each print job only takes about 90 seconds, making it ideal for high volume printing jobs.

Incidentally, the company too agrees with this assessment, as for now this printer is being marketed exclusively towards high volume printing jobs, such as label making, advertising and several other applications.

So if you own a business like this and would like to improve your printing capabilities, then you too can get this printer for $145,000.

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