Driftscape Flying Hotel

[Drone Based Pod For Futuristic Tourism]

A Chinese company called HOK, has developed the Driftscape, a futuristic off-grid mobile hotel, which can literally transport it’s guests anywhere in the world.

It is important to clarify that we are not talking about some Virtual Experience, rather than the physical transport of the guest, while still remaining inside his/her room.

The room is called the Driftcraft, and it takes the Movable Tent concept, and enhances it by adding a flying mechanism to it, much like a drone.

Thanks to this advancement, the room can easily detach itself from the structure and take the occupant to any location they want to visit.

Since the whole move happens in real time, the occupant can also enjoy the aerial ride while looking for their favorite spot to land and relax.

In addition to the 205 Sq.ft room, the company is also planning to create a 2500 Sq.ft service pod called Oasis, which can be used as a restaurant, courtyard or a lounge.

For bigger occasions, multiple Oasis pods can also be joined together to provide a more comprehensive, mobile entertainment platform for a whole group of people.

Since the whole purpose of this concept seems to be hospitality, the designers have also made sure that the construction of the pod is done in a way to compliment that aspect.

What we are referring to is the use of High Impact Polymer in the construction of the pod, which makes the entire structure, strong, light and also completely transparent.

Now that you know all about the hotel and how it operates, you must also know that this sort of concept is years away from being a reality.

But the company still has high hopes for the day that it will come true, and it is this hope that was rewarded when the design was selected for the final of the Radical Innovation Award.

We just hope that they take this praise as an encouragement, and follow through on this concept, so that one day we too get the option to fly around the world without leaving our hotel room.

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