Ford On The Go H2O System

[Concept Filters AC Condensation Into Drinking Water]

As part of the Further With Ford Initiative, an engineer called Doug Martin has just unveiled his one of a kind On The Go H2O Prototype for Ford cars.

This one of a kind system, harnesses the water that’s accumulated by air conditioners in all cars, and filters it again to make it drinkable.

While it may not be as revolutionary as producing Power From Bad Roads, but it still is another great innovation that uses a cars natural state of operation to create a beneficial output.

The idea for this system came from a billboard in Peru, which used a similar process to harness water from air, in order to accomplish the same goal, i.e water conservation.

Where that billboard could only produce water in one location, this concept on the other hands gives you the opportunity to have water wherever and whenever you want.

In tests done so far, this system can produced upto 64 oz (1.9 l) of water per hour, which is enough to fill at least four water bottles.

This amount of water is enough to sustain you on both long and short trips, just as long as you are in a warm climate that requires the use of the car’s air conditioner.

We don’t yet know if Ford is working on something like this for cold climates as well, or if they would even consider actually including this system as an add-on for it’s cars.

But what we do know is that such a system can exist, does exist, and will eventually play a big role in water conservation, as we move forward.

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