Honda Patents X-Ray Vision Technology

[New Tech For Augmented Reality Driving]

The famous automobile manufacturer, Honda, has just recently filed patents related to the development of an Augmented Reality Driving Technology.

This new type of driving technology will feature two types of systems, one for Pedestrian Detection, and the other for Vehicle to Vehicle Communication.

As expected, Honda has file separate patents for both these systems, in a move to ensure that they become the first and probably only automobile manufacturer to have such a system.

A lot of tech enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting such a move from automobile manufacturers, seeing that such AR systems already exist in the defense sector for both Helicopters and Tanks.

But unlike those systems, that relay all information through AR helmets, this system instead relies on a HUD that can be easily integrated into the car dashboard.

Through this HUD, the driver would be able to detect multiple people in front of the vehicle, as well as pedestrians that are currently out of his field of view.

This omniscient system will help fill in the gaps that in current situations can lead to almost unavoidable accidents, making it a great system to combine with existing Collision Prevention Systems.

The second set of data available to the HUD, is the information transmitted from vehicles around the car, thanks to the vehicle to vehicle communication system.

This data includes information regarding the speed, distance and other information regarding cars that the driver can’t even see yet, due to the traffic in between.

Since this data is supposed to be transmitted from car to car, it also serves as a mass alert system, which can inform the driver of a car at the end of the line, about any potential mishap that happens to the cars in front of the line, along with information about how other cars in the line reacted to said incident.

Between these two systems, it is easy to understand why Honda feels so confident about the safety of it’s cars. We can’t wait to see how they actually implement it in real life conditions.

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