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[3D Print Your Baby Before It's Born]

A company in Poland, called In Utero 3D is giving expectant parents a chance to feel their baby before he/she is even born with the help of 3D Printing technology.

This project was initially started as a way of helping blind mothers, since they don’t have the ability to look at 3D ultrasounds to get an idea of what they child looks like.

While we have already seen 3D printing being used for Facial Reconstruction, this application is still slightly unique as they don’t actually make any changes to the face/body of the baby.

Nor do they try to make the baby look more beautiful, since the purpose of the entire process is to give the parents the most accurate rendering of their child.

In order to accomplish that, they take the 3D ultrasound examination file that the parents are supposed to provide, and then use non toxic bio-plastic material in order to create the Bas-Relief of the unborn child.

To get the best look possible, it is advised that the imagine takes place between the 18-30th week of the pregnancy. The end result is a beautiful 3D representation of the baby with body parts in 1:1 scale.

Perhaps the best parts of the whole thing is the fact that they only charge 1 Euro per print, which makes this technology affordable to almost everyone on the planet.

It is these noble applications of 3D Printing that give us hope that this technology will go a long way in furthering Medical, social and anthropological innovations.

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