LVL Hydration Monitor

[Wearable Keeps Track Of Body Water Levels]

Developed by BSX Athletics, the LVL is the World’s First Wearable Hydration Monitor, designed specifically for the fitness community.

In addition to monitoring your body water levels, this device can also monitor your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken and even sleep quality.

The inclusion of all these health metrics along with the hydration monitor is what makes this device such a unique piece of technology, just like other Specialty Monitors available on Kickstarter.

In order to get the information regarding all these parameters, the device emits a multi-wavelength near-infrared light through the skin and into the tissue below.

When this light is reflected back to the device, it is captured by an integrated optical sensor, which analyses it to detect the subtle changes in the color of the blood.

These changes are then compared with existing data in order to figure out how much water has been lost. Once that’s done, the information is displayed on the device’s waterproof touchscreen display.

You can also sync the information with your smartphones via the accompanying app, in order to form a hydration cycle that keeps track of your drinking habits.

As with other fitness devices, all this technology is encased inside a sleek and functional body, which also contains a battery that can run for at least 4 days on a 1-2 hour charge.

Anyone who is interested in a device like this, can go to theĀ LVL Kickstarter Page and order one for themselves for just $119.

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