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[PS4 Finally Gets 4K Support]

Sony has finally revealed the launch date and pricing details for it’s much anticipated 4K ready PS4, called the Playstation 4 Pro.

This new variant of the already popular Playstation range should be viewed as more of an incremental upgrade, rather than a complete revamp.

The reason behind Sony feeling so pressured to push this update out so soon, was the launch of the Nvidia GTX1080 and the Titan X graphic cards, who have all of a sudden kickstarted the 4K gaming platform.

This is why they suddenly decided to push the timeline of the launch short, and set it for the holiday season, more specifically November 10th.

This would give them a lot of time to catch up in terms of sales, as well as beat Microsoft’s Project Scorpio long before it is even launched.

Coming to the console itself, the Playstation Pro features a slightly modified version of the existing console setup, which gives it the ability to support 4K content, along with HDR content as well.

This content not only includes games, but also videos and resolution rich online streams, which is a fancy way of saying that you can now use your Playstation to watch Netflix in 4K.

This extra processing power will also translate to better resolutions for VR games and videos, which till now haven’t been able to prove their worth, owing to the lack of proper graphic support.

By providing all these benefits, without actually altering the existing framework, Sony has made sure that almost all existing PS4 titles can easily be upscaled to 4K, as long as the developers are ready to push a special update, allows their games to take advantage of it.

The only thing that seems to be missing from this entire setup is the support for 4K Blu-ray, which the upcoming Xbox One S has already promised to it’s users.

Sony hasn’t exactly mentioned why they left this feature out, but we are guessing it had something to do with keeping the price as competitive as possible, and boy is it competitive.

The Playstation 4 Pro, gets a launch price of $399, which will give you the updated version of the console, along with a 1TB hard drive.

To make this price possible, Sony is making additional changes to it’s lineup, which starts with the launch of the PlayStation 4 Slim, a model with the same internals as the base PS4, which will be sold at $299.

By making this change, Sony has easily pushed the Pro into a high end slot, while still maintaining a price advantage over it’s competition.

All these minor mutations, combined with the price make this new PS4 a great product to own for anyone who aspires to try out the 4K experience.

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