Proterra Catalyst E2 Electric Bus

[Bus Can Cover 600 Miles On Single Charge]

An American company called Proterra has achieved a record breaking run of 600 miles (966 Kms) on a single charge, with it’s Catalyst E2 Electric Bus.

This run was conducted on the Michelin Proving Grounds in South Carolina, as a means of testing whether electric engines can really sustain public transport.

The success of this test is also not a big surprise, as for the past few years, we have seen a slew of developments in the Commercial Electric Vehicle segment.

These new types of electric vehicles are constantly proving that soon we will leave the age of fossil fuel driven transport behind, and enter the zero emissions era.

In order to make this dream possible with this particular bus, the company has made use of a huge storage unit, which can juggle anywhere between 440 – 660 kWh on a daily basis.

While it goes without saying that a lot of that power will be spent tackling the day to day traffic and frequent bus stops, it still will be enough to achieve a more realistic range of 194 to 350 miles (312 to 563 km).

To tackle the expected loss of power and take advantage of the frequent stops, the bus also features a regenerative braking system that generates more power as you go.

In addition, the bus also contains lots of light weight parts, which help offset the load of the passengers that the bus is bound to suffer from.

Between all these features, and the fuel and maintenance savings that are bound to occur, this new type of people mover will definitely justify it’s humongous price tag of over $800,000.

We just hope that the people in charge of public transport system will be far sighted enough to see the benefits of these vehicles, and get them on the roads as soon as possible.

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Posted on : 19 Sep 2016 @ 05:05

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