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Adding a new application to the emerging field of autonomous vehicles, a company called Case IH has just revealed a Robotic Tractor Concept.

Case IH is a known subsidiary of CNH Industrial, who decided that the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa is the perfect place for the unveiling of this concept.

With it’s reveal, this concept has now become the latest product in a new segment of commercial vehicles that come with built in autonomy, just like the Self Driving Truck.

But what makes this concept so special is the fact that it’s design was built from the ground up with complete autonomy in mind, which is a bold move considering that other autonomous vehicle concepts still feature a place for humans.

Since it doesn’t feature a cabin for a rider, the developers received a lot more freedom of expression when it comes to the design, which is clearly evident in the aggressive yet elegant design of the concept.

This conservation of space also left them plenty of space to put in all sorts of electronic systems, such as on board cameras, radar, and GPS navigation system.

These systems work together to provide the owner with a comprehensive user interface, which can be easily controlled via a tablet or computer.

Using this advanced interface, the owner can control the route of the vehicle, along with it’s functions, which include planting seeds, harvesting crops and several other regular farm jobs.

Once set, the tractor follows these programs with complete accuracy, so that the owner can get some time to relax, while the tractor works around the clock to get the job done.

But that doesn’t mean that the owner has no role in the working of the machine. On the contrary, the Collision Detection Program built into the machine constantly updates the owner regarding anything that comes in the way of the task.

This way, the owner can easily correct the course of the vehicle to make sure that nothing stops the work from being completed.

In addition to all these the tractor also feature a traditional yet powerful engine, which can produced upto 419 BHP when called upon.

Between all these features, it is easy to see why this concept is garnering so much attention from all sorts of people involved in agricultural pursuits.

Still, since this is just a concept at this stage, there is no way to know if and when this vehicle will be available for purchase and at what cost.

So, at this stage, all we can do is wait and watch, while we admire the beauty and capability of this amazing feat of engineering.

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