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[Action Helmets With Built In Intercom]

Sena Smart Helmet is a new type of cycling accessory, which incorporates the features of an action camera with that of a fitness band, as well as a communications system.

These features are stuffed inside a sturdy helmet, which provides the standard levels of security while still looking like any regular cycling helmet.

So in a way, you are getting the benefits of four products through this single one, which is a great deal, when we consider the general approach of Bicycle Accessories.

As you can guess, the most obvious yet powerful feature is the camera setup, which included a QHD camera with Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can direct your own videos.

The audio part is handled by built in speakers and microphones, that can be used to listen to music, keep track of your statistics as well as talk to other people.

The talking can be done through regular hands free phone calls, or through the special intercom system, that has an impressive range of approximately half a mile.

As expected, the people you wish to talking to through the intercom would also be required to use the same helmet as your, even though they can get different color options to customize their own piece.

The controls for these different systems have been integrated into the helmet itself, so you don’t have to worry about taking your phone out of your pocket again and again.

Still, there can be some people out there that can’t juggle the task of riding a bike and fidgeting with the controls at the same time. For them, these controls can be placed on the handlebars for easier access.

Between all these benefits, the choice of getting this device becomes an almost no brainer. If you feel that way too, then you can easily get one for yourself at $349, or opt for the cheaper without camera version at $199.

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