Sixth Taste In Humans

[Secret Behind Our Love Of Carbohydrates]

Scientists from Oregon State University have discovered through experiments that humans can pick up a sixth taste which is associated with carbohydrates.

This new taste is being called Starchy, and is the latest entrant to the limited list of human tastes, which currently includes salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami.

It is important to note that this is not some type of Virtual Taste, but instead is one of the natural tastes that our body has developed through thousands of years of evolution.

To prove the existence of this taste, the researchers conducted an experiment that involved blocking the receptors on the tongue, that are responsible for picking up sweet tastes.

In addition, they also blocked the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of long chain carbohydrates. These steps were taken in order to nullify the chance that the results could be false.

The reason being that up until now, the consensus was that the reason we feel like we taste carbohydrates, is because the rapid break down of carbohydrates leaves a sweet taste behind, which we mistake as coming from the food itself.

So by slowing down the process and removing the sweet taste completely, the researchers were able to get a real idea of how carbs actually taste.

The result was the taste we now call Starchy. In layman terms, the taste seemed rice like to Asians, and bread/pasta like to Caucasians, which is an accurate representation of what they were looking for.

This confirmation is enough to completely change the paradigm in regards to how we approach food and nutrition. Whether this will help us somehow find a way to curb our cravings is another topic altogether.

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Posted on : 09 Sep 2016 @ 16:41

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