Solar Express Concept

[Reach Mars In 2 Days]

In order to make Space Travel cheaper and faster, a team of designers have created the Solar Express, a concept Solar Train that will cut the time it takes to travel between planets, down to just a few days.

As you can guess by the name, the concept takes a lot of it’s design inspiration from trains, complete with multiple cylinders that will align to the main structure to form a train like shape.

The train will be launched into space with the help of conventional rockets. Once that is done, they can look into including other Propulsion Systems to help them gain their speed.

Thanks to the unique structure and other systems in place, the train is expected to travel at 1% of the speed of light, which come down to approximately 3,000 kilometres (1,864 miles) per second.

This extreme speed is what will make this train such an economic idea, as it will not only cut down the travel time between Earth & Mars to less than 2 days, but will also take just a minimal amount of fuel in order to achieve that distance.

Since the speed of the train is so high, it will be next to impossible to make it stop and start for every trip, as it would waste a lot of money and time.

For this reason, this train will run non-stop between the planets, making constant deliveries and pickups of cargo and passengers for the Mars Mission, thanks to interception space capsules/wagons.

These capsules will also provide the train with the supplies needed to sustain the passengers, since the rest of the energy needed will already be coming from multiple arrays of solar panels.

Thanks to all these systems running together, this train will become a never ending space ride, which will let us explore the universe in a more exciting way.

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Posted on : 17 Sep 2016 @ 03:22

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