Sticky Eye Drops

[Time Delayed Eye Treatment]

Researchers from Canada have found a way to stop the wastage of eye medicine with the help of a new type of Sticky Eye Drops that offer time delayed medication to the users.

These drops were developed in response to the natural fact that just like any other foreign entrant, eye medication too gets washed away from our eyes most of the time.

So much so, that 95% of the medication that you use is wasted within minutes, thus causing the need for multiple eye drops courses, which can get exhausting over time.

Some researchers have tried to find other ways to treat the eyes, such as the use of Electric Currents, but treatments like those generally aren’t that easy to accept for patients.

To take care of all these issues, these special type of eye drops make use of Microscopic Packets of medicine that are suspended inside them, so that they can be carried into the eye.

These packets them attach themselves to the mucus layer of the tear film that covers the eye. In this manner, even if the liquid is washed away, the medicine still remains intact.

Once stuck, these packets them dissolve over time, releasing multiple doses of medicine directly into the eyes, making them a perfect replacement for multiple eye drop regimens.

In this way, not only does this method improve the time frame of the treatment, but also helps reduce the wastage that occurs through traditional eye drops.

As you can expect, such a promising treatment also requires a lot of testing to make sure it is absolutely safe for the users. This necessary steps is what’s keeping these drops from going public right away.

When the researchers are finally able to get past the testing phase, we will then be able to benefit from a treatment that has all the potential to change how we use eye medication forever.

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