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[The World’s Fastest Consumer Production Car]

Tesla has yet again cemented it’s title as one of the most consumer conscious automobile brand, by unveiling the World’s Fastest Consumer Production Car, the P100D.

This new development is just one of the few advancements that Tesla has thrust into the market as a showcase of their ability to make quality cars at affordable prices.

The previous one being the Self Driving ability that the company just sprinkled onto it’s existing models without a lot of fanfare, shocking the world with it’s technological prowess.

These features marked their sudden shift from being just another automobile manufacturer, into the leading one. So much so, that even Rolls Royce themselves decided that they needed to catch up.

But what makes this new variant of the Model S and Model X cars so much more special than anything that came before it, is the fact that they were able to include with it a battery that beats the boundaries of both speed and efficiency.

In the Model S, this 100KWH battery produces an output of 315 miles, while in the Model X, it manages a bit more modest 289 miles.

In addition to this efficiency, the cars are also able to achieve an astounding 0-60MPH time of 2.5 seconds and 2.9 seconds for the Model S and Model X respectively.

Getting both these advancements to fit into two different cars while still keeping the design and size same is what makes this achievement so spectacular to behold.

Unfortunately, even if the cars are for the masses, they don’t exactly have the price tag to afford that claim. Yet when compared to the limited edition supercars that usually come with the tag of Fastest Production Cars, the $134,500 and $135,500 price tag of the Model S and the Model X P100D variant doesn’t hurt so much.

If you have that kind of money lying around for buying a car, then by all means, have your fun, as the cars are already ready to ship out, just waiting for you to come and snatch them away.

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